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Welcome to Almost Athletes
Cheltenham's largest running club

We pride ourselves on being the kind of club that can help and encourage you to get the most out of your running - whether your interest is running for fun, getting fit, or training for anything from a 5K race to a marathon or even an ultra. We can help you achieve your aims.

Anyone is welcome to come along to our training sessions and run, regardless of age or ability - we have groups for everyone so you don't have to run alone and you won't get left behind.

We organise evening runs and weekend runs - both on and off road - and training sessions. Come along on a Wednesday night and see for yourself!

Almost Athletes has been running since 1988, welcoming runners of all abilities and providing not only guided training runs but also a lively social calendar. With a current membership in excess of 400, Almost Athletes really is Cheltenham's biggest and friendliest running club!


Almost Athletes generously support parkrun ... a note to our chairman (Graham Fletcher)

Alison recommended I give you some positive feedback regarding AA. Last Thursday evening (you may have seen) I posted on the AA FB group saying that the parkrun trolley was broken and our best efforts to fix it had failed so was asking for help transporting the kit to the parkrun start. Knowing AA's often participate in parkrun and are generally keen to help out I thought I'd have little trouble getting a couple of willing volunteers and did.
However, I did not expect to receive a message from a member (Matt Hampton) saying he was prepared to loan his similar sized trolley to parkrun for a couple of weeks until we found a replacement and offered to do the switch of kit the next night (Friday night) ready for us to use on Saturday morning. I was even more shocked when he offered to buy a new trolley for parkrun as a donation considering they can cost around ~£70-80. I was even more shocked the next day when I received another similar offer of buying a trolley and donating it from a different member (Kevin Dendy).
I think the above shows the generosity of the members of AA and the community spirit of the club towards other members and the running community in general.
Rich (Walklate)